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80%-70% Payback at Qualifiers

Qualifier Ropings will add $10 per team in the Extreme Roper #12 & #10. 
We will add $7 per team to the #8 Extreme Roper to our finals in June 2017.
Schedule 2017
Sept. 2016 Inola, OK Qualifier added to the finals $5,700
Oct. 2016 Claremore, OK Qualifier
Nov. 2016 Shawnee, OK Qualifier
Dec. 2016 Ardmore, OK Qualifier
March 2017 Grove, OK Qualifier
April 2017 Chickasha, OK Qualifier
May 2017 McAlester, OK Qualifier
Finals June 2017

All about the Finals!
How do I Qualify?
You are eligible for the 2017 Extreme Finals by coming to any of our season qualifiers and entering the Extreme Roper 12, 10, or 8 devisions for a total of 5 entries.  These entries must be in an Extreme Roper roping our World Series Qualifier Similar divisions do not count towards Extreme Roper entries .

When are the finals?
The finales will be held in June 2017
Central Oklahoma

Do I need a card?
The only card you need is a current USTRC or World Series Card at the time of the roping. We will not number you or use any other numbering system. You can purchase a membership on site or online. T his will allow you the opportunity to enter the finals and be eligible for the added money at the end of the year. 

Win a paid slot into the finals!
10-20 Teams per division 1 paid invitation to the finals
21-30 Teams per division 2 paid invitations to the finals
31-60 Teams per division 3 paid invitations to the finals
61-100 Teams per division 4 paid invitations to the finals
Additional slots will be awarded as places are awarded in the average above 100 teams.
Slots must be taken at the time they are won or the winning team will forfeit their invitation to the next placing team until the slot can be taken.  Invitations are part the 80% prize money.
Effective Oct 2016

The first qualifier added $5,700 with more coming soon!

WSTR Membership

Extreme Roper Formats
Family Friendly With Draw Options

#12 Extreme Roper
#8 Extreme Roper
#10 Extreme Roper

Qualifiers $150 man Enter 3 Times
- No Age Limits
-  No Cap

- Draw Option Available

Qualifers $180 man Pick 1 Draw 1
Enter 2 Times.
- No Age Limits
- Cap #4 Elite Heeler
- Draw Option
70% Payback

Qualifiers $150 man Enter 3 Times
- No Age Limits
- Cap #6 Heel / No Header Cap
- Draw Option Available

Special Qualifers!

Specialty Ropings
- Truck Ropings - Trailer Ropings - ATV Ropings -Saddle Ropings - Special Fees Ropings
These ropings will be reviewed to ensure that the prizes and the payout are inline to offer the roper the best prizes and payback possible! Paybacks in specialty Ropings maybe different than those at regular qualifiers.
"See Specific Ropings for Details" 

Next Qualifers!